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HybriGen® Assist

Our HybriGen® Assist propulsion system offers unique solutions for tugboats and windfarm support vessels to save maintenance and engine life while increasing power and performance. HybriGen® Assist propulsion system delivers electric power on demand for vessels at low speeds and provides a boost of power to the engine when needed.

Choose from one of our four efficient operation modes:

Electric Mode

Vessel can operate silently with zero emissions for the duration supported by the energy storage, before the variable speed generators automatically take over, providing power to the electric motors for propulsion, power to the vessel distribution panel for hotel loads and recharging of the energy storage.

Mechanical Mode

In this traditional propulsion arrangement, diesel engines provide power for propulsion and generators supply power to vessel distribution panel for hotel loads, which leverage the installed energy storage capability for optimal performance.

Power Generation Mode

Diesel engines provide power for propulsion. AC Motors generate power which is stored in the energy storage and supply the vessel distribution panel with power for hotel loads. In this mode we eliminate the need to run separate genset engines.

Optional Electric Boost Mode

Diesel engines and AC motors provide power for propulsion simultaneously.

HybriGen<sup>®</sup> Assist propulsion chart


Integrated installation & support

We provide our customers with the most comprehensive power and propulsion systems integration and support in the industry. We stand by our systems and have a proven track record of reliability and performance that gives our customers confidence that our solutions work. Our Flexible Service Plan is customized to fit the customer’s business model to keep you running efficiently.

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