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Electric accessories
for conventional powertrains

REAL (reduced engine accessory loads) for diesel and CNG powered transit buses and motor coaches

We are powering electric accessories on 4,000 hybrid and electric vehicles today but now diesel and CNG powered buses can realize the benefits with a simple, proven system. The REAL system enables electric accessories, replacing the maintenance-intensive mechanical accessories to decrease operational and maintenance costs while increasing a buses availability for service.

REAL components diagram
REAL's components

How it works

The REAL system’s belt-driven, high-voltage permanent magnet generator replaces a dedicated A/C compressor and 28V hi-current alternator, and our APS (accessory power system) provides the power conversion and management to support all the accessory loads (including 208V and 230 Vac). It’s a compact, simple, and highly effective design.

REAL benefits

  • Cleaner engine compartment: only a single accessory belt-drive is needed for the high-voltage generator
  • A single, compact electronics unit integrates all power management functionality and supplies power for all vehicle accessories
  • Reduces scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs
  • Reduces external noise, emissions, and improves internal noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) for riding passengers
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Eliminates hydraulic oil in the engine compartment and the associated fire potential

System integration today, full support tomorrow

Unlike others in the industry, BAE Systems provides our customers with comprehensive power and propulsion systems integration and support. That means when you order our REAL system, know that we have partnered with the prime bus manufacturer to integrate our system properly from day one, including on-site technical advice and training. Then we back that work with our Flexible Service Plan – customized to fit the customer’s business model – including a coordinated spares management program.

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