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Marine & Port Solutions

Low- and zero-emissions power systems are almost as in-demand in water craft as they are in land vehicles. From tour boats and ferries to fishing boats and work vessels, the organizations and individuals who own them like the reductions in exhaust, noise, and fuel costs. And riders enjoy the cleaner, quieter voyage.

The BAE Systems Power & Propulsions Solutions team is saving MUCH more than fuel with our Get-To- Zero marine and port solutions. Our three uniquely advanced marine products increase any vessel’s operating efficiency and performance while simultaneously saving fuel, operations, and maintenance costs. And they all help preserve our natural environment. For the right electric power and propulsion system for your boat or fleet, BAE Systems has the solutions you need.

Integration & Support

When a boat manufacturer buys from some propulsion system manufacturers, all they receive are boxes of parts. When you buy from the BAE Systems Power and Propulsion Solutions team, you get the system, plus comprehensive integration and support. That includes a certified Application Engineer who will make sure our systems are integrated properly from day one, including on-site technical advice and thorough training. And it’s all backed by our Flexible Service Plan, customized to fit your business model, including a coordinated spares management program.

Learn more about our marine and port solutions. Call us today at +1 607.770.2083 or email to arrange a meeting.