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Service & support

Providing advanced customer service & technical support

BAE Systems provides outstanding customer service and technical support for all of our alternative energy power and propulsion customers. From electric propulsion for transit bus to fuel cell electric technology for marine vessels. For all of these solutions and more, we provide in-depth, professional guidance and insights by phone, email, and the web, as well as on-site set up and training options.

Our Customer Support Center provides the support our customers need, from troubleshooting and part number identification to technical tips and spare parts order placement. Both customers and our field service teams also rely on the Support Center for help with technical issues. And the Support Center also has ample access to all BAE Systems resources needed to provide timely, accurate answers and information to our customers and field support personnel.

Our flexible service network makes servicing electric, hybrid electric, battery electric, fuel cell, electric marine, hybrid electric marine, and even hybrid military systems from BAE Systems very convenient.

  1. Our expert service technicians can come to your site and perform needed service
  2. You can bring the vehicle to one of our many affiliated service centers, where a BAE Systems factory trained technician will coordinate repairs for you
  3. Select from customer training programs to learn how to perform in-house maintenance and receive technical support and aftermarket spares where needed

Some electric and hybrid propulsion systems suppliers require you to go to the service center of their choice. With our Flexible Service Network, you pick the option that works best for you.

Our available services include:

  • On-site and off-site training
  • Maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and parts lists (available at the Advanced Support Website)
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Technical support
  • Overhauls, repairs, retrofits, and upgrades
  • Extended service contracts
  • Quality data reports
  • Predictive service solutions
  • Spare parts and spare part management services
  • Two-year startup package for new customers including on-site introductory and refresher training, periodic on-site service visits and performance monitoring commensurate with the quantity of buses procured
  • Rebuild and extended warranty contracts

Our product support is accessible 24/7. Receive technical assistance, spare parts, documentation, software, and training or a factory-trained technician may be dispatched upon request.

BAE Systems offers a standard two-year, unlimited mileage warranty on the propulsion system components, including AC Traction Motor (ACTM), Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), Propulsion Control System (PCS), Accessory Power System 1/2/3 (APS1/APS2/APS3), the Electronics Cooling Package (ECP), and Energy Storage System (ESS). An optional extended warranty is available on request.*

*Warranty coverage is subject to change.

We offer specialty tools for our propulsion system for transit vehicles. These tools are highly recommended for transit customers and are sold separately.

Diagnostics Software Tool

The Intuitive Diagnostic System (IDS) diagnostic tool is a powerful ally for the customer who prefers to troubleshoot our transit propulsion system. Our IDS software runs on a laptop using Windows® based software and communicates with the SCU through a diagnostic port inside the bus. This tool is required for transit customers and is sold separately.

IDS accesses the system fault codes and displays our propulsion system operating conditions. The fault log provides a complete history of system errors along with additional pertinent data to aid in troubleshooting faults. Monitor screens display operating data in real time on a variety of graphic window interfaces. IDS also supports an optional data logging capability.

IDS creates a virtual dashboard for the mechanic. Parameters of our propulsion system may be assigned to the dashboard and graphically displayed in real time. Dials, strip charts, bar charts and text boxes display the data at the update rate specified by the user. With IDS, the exact condition of the system as the vehicle is operating is graphically displayed to enhance the diagnostic capability. Built-in health test instructions are available on the screen with a link to the service manual. The system also stores data for easy off-line analysis.

BAE Systems makes a standard two-day familiarization training curriculum available to operators and maintainers. The curriculum covers system overview, theory of operation, safety, maintenance, and servicing. Advanced component maintainer training is also available. These courses are organized in single-day format and provide more in-depth knowledge into system component theory of operation, system faults, and special tools, and equipment. On-the-job training for system repairs, special tools, and the IDS diagnostic system is also available. A complete training program made up of the standard curriculum can be constructed to meet your specific needs and will be quoted separately.

iSupport is a powerful web portal that allows you to access and download service manuals, parts catalogs, software upgrades, service bulletins, and service letters. The best feature of the site is its ability to show a customized view based on the customer login. This allows for quick access to the items that are most important to you. The website is maintained 24/7 and is built on a platform that has been used by more than 500 customer organizations worldwide.

BAE Systems offers several manuals that give you an edge by expanding on the knowledge and abilities of system maintainers. Our electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric propulsion system service manual provides operators and maintainers with a wealth of system information. The manual details the propulsion system overview, theory of operation, operational software capabilities, and user configurable system software adjustments. Safety requirements, maintenance schedules, and procedures are supplied throughout the manual. The testing and fault section provides maintainers with complete diagnostic procedures that can be used in conjunction with IDS to isolate and repair system faults.

The IDS user manual provides the technician with a thorough reference on the IDS software operation and functionality. Chapters contain step-by-step instructions on the use of all IDS functions such as monitor, logging, adjustments, and faults.

Component maintenance manuals are also offered to provide you expanded support in making repairs. To reduce full propulsion system component replacements and out-of-service transit times, these manuals include separate component procedures for internal diagnostics and repairs.

Learn more about our advanced Power & Propulsion Solutions. E-mail us today at to arrange a meeting.