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BAE Systems accepts CUTA Leadership Award

July 12, 2017

Transit sales and service director Bob Lamanna proudly displays the CUTA Leadership Award on behalf of BAE Systems
Transit sales and service director Bob Lamanna proudly displays the CUTA Leadership Award on behalf of BAE Systems.

At this year’s Canadian Urban Transit Association’s (CUTA) 2017 National Corporate Leadership Awards event, BAE Systems was presented with the organization’s Leadership Award for Transit Electrification in the Innovation category.

“BAE Systems’ Series-E system gives transit agencies electric travel where and when they need it and prevents engine-idling at stops; our technology provides operators with the low-emission travel required to meet air quality initiatives without any infrastructure and planning challenges,” said Bob Lamanna, transit sales and service director of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems.

In an effort to preserve Quebec City’s architecture and improve environmental conditions for its community and the many tourists that visit the city, transit operator Reseau de la Transport (RTC) has been working to integrate zero-emission bus travel through its corridors. To help meet this objective, RTC has adopted our Series-E system to deliver clean, quiet travel through their streets.

“This award is an honor for BAE Systems; many technology developers are looking at ways to innovate to bring efficient and environmentally-safe transportation to transit,” said Floyd Diaz, Canadian sales manager who accepted the award on behalf of our company. “Series-E is a very practical, yet progressive, solution for transit, and our electrification system decreases emissions and increases fuel economy but it still has an on-board generator to eliminate the range challenges experienced with some all-electric buses in service today.”

Today, more than 7,000 hybrid-electric systems are operating around the world, and this year 95 percent of our transit sales include anti-idling technology and the electrification of accessories to decrease fuel use, emissions, and bus maintenance.

CUTA Leadership Award for transit electrification